Website Design & Development Solutions

Duocode Web Solutions provides a variety of online design, development, management, and hosting options to suit your personal or business demands. Our team of dedicated specialists has over a decade of experience in creating websites and product applications that are perfect for everyone.
Our main goal is to make you happy. Whether you need a simple one page design for yourself or a tailor-made custom application for your company, we guarantee to deliver exactly what you're looking for.

Our Services

We offer several different services to help you deal with the stressful world of online communication and productivity. Here are some of our services:

Website Design

Proper Website Design is a very important part of creating a the right online image for yourself or your business. We know how to do it right. Check out our popular Website Design Packages for a detailed view of the types of site design we can offer. Alternatively, you can request a Free Design Quote if you need something more customized, or know exactly what you're looking for in a website.

Application Development

Program applications such as Client record-keeping and invoicing, product inventory, email generation, and e-commerce store functions are used in virtually every business. Take a look at our Development Page for more information on how Duocode can set up applications that fit your company's needs. All projects are completely custom developed for you and your business. Go ahead and request a Free Development Quote today.

Web Hosting

Whether you have an existing site or not, we can host it for you. Choose from one of our robust Linux Web Hosting Packages and enjoy a guaranteed 99.9% uptime!

Business Management

Is tedious website administration taking up all of your valuable time? Allow Duocode to take the burden off your hands so you are able to focus on more important issues. Our staff can attend to your layout changes, add new content and features to your site, apply product updates, look out for potential security problems, and a wide range of other services that will keep you constantly in tune with today's evolving technology.
Contact Us or request a FREE quote today to find out what Duocode can do for you and your company.